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SIG-NAL Group Technical Capacity


The Spatial Informatics Group has 40 scientists and support staff working from Northern California to Maine. This extensive group of scientists supports the SIG-NAL mission and forms the core of our programmatic capabilities.


Group members have expertise in the following Natural Assets fields:


Ecosystem Services

• Ecosystem Services Identification

• Quantification and Valuation

• Modeling and Scenario Analysis

• Qualified Assessments

• Site Valuation Studies


Forest and Carbon

• Carbon Project Support

• Forest Inventory and Biometrics

• Biomass and Bioenergy Assessments

• Financial Modeling

• Mitigation Planning


Natural Hazards

• Impact Quantification

• Risk Exposure

• Climate Change Scenarios

• Site Strategy Guidance

• Training and Support

Environmental Mapping

• High Resolution Land Cover Mapping

• Tree Canopy Mapping

• Tree Delineation

• Impervious Surface Mapping

• Geo-Spatial Feature Extractions


Climate Change

• Environmental Security

• Climate Change Mitigation

• Vulnerability Mapping

• Ecosystem Based Adaptation

• Organizational Capacity Building

CAPABILITIES: Forest and Carbon Services Spotlight


SIG can answer complex forest management questions by drawing on the expertise of our foresters, ecologists, spatial analysts, wildlife biologists, and economists. The Forest and Carbon Team at SIG helps clients develop management strategies that integrate multiple goals such as optimizing timber production, ecosystem service values, forest biomass, carbon sequestration, fire hazard reduction, and sustainable procurement of forest biomass. SIG's forest carbon portfolio includes development of eleven U.S. and international forest offset projects on over 472,000 acres with 6.6 million tons being verified by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR), California Air Resources Board (ARB), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and Plan Vivo standard. Forest and carbon experts on staff include: Dr. Charles Kerchner; Dr. Thomas Buchholz; Dr. John Gunn; Dr. David Saah; Jason Moghaddas; Tadashi Moody; and Travis Freed. SIG also has several affiliates with forest and carbon expertise. See http://www.sig-gis.com/services/forests-and-carbon for more information.

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