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Developing the scientific foundation for the green economy


The true value of natural assets is incorporated into the goods and services we depend upon within our economic system.



SIG-NAL is a non-profit organization with a mission to develop and apply the scientific foundation needed to link economic and environmental interests by accounting for the full value of natural assets.


We work to integrate the science of natural assets with tools, policies and management decision-making for public benefit.


We make science accessible to decision makers and the marketplace in an actionable format.



The science and policy of natural assets and environmental markets are evolving rapidly and require nimble institutions to provide the innovations necessary to link economic and environmental interests.


Spatial Informatics Group, LLC (SIG) has been a successful driver of innovation and on-the-ground change in the science and policy of natural assets and environmental markets since 1998. A key strength of SIG is the ability to integrate disparate sciences and competing viewpoints into practical applications and real solutions. SIG has been successful by maintaining an independent, third-party, neutral stance on complex research topics.


As SIG has grown to integrate more complicated issues, its organizational structure needed to evolve to match the realities of existing partnering institutions, policies, and perceptions. A non-profit culture and ethos has always been part of SIG and has been part of the growth plan since inception. It became clear that the public benefit elements of the SIG approach to science need to be formally segmented into a separate, but linked entity.


In 2012, the non-profit Spatial Informatics Group – Natural Assets Laboratory (SIG-NAL) was created to meet this need. SIG-NAL broadens the reach of the technical capacity and professional networks of SIG to create a more flexible entity with increased effectiveness in a dynamic economic and political context working for the public benefit.


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